MicroRNAs in Cancer

by Active Motif

The emergence of microRNAs (miRNAs) has been one of the defining developments in cancer biology over the past decade. This abundant class of small non-coding RNAs are important regulators of gene expression shown to play a role in numerous biological processes. Furthermore, mutations and improper regulation of miRNAs have been linked to a variety of physiological disorders including cancer. Research efforts to elucidate the role of miRNAs in cancer has resulted in new diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities and a number of clinical trials utilizing miRNA profiling for patient prognosis and clinical response are now underway.

Inherent to the rapid advancements surrounding miRNA discoveries is the need for applicable experimental tools to enable researchers to accurately study the role of miRNAs in cancer. The Active Motif MicroRNAs in Cancer eBook summarizes the current miRNA research approaches and outlines how to design and execute a miRNA target screen.

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